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What began as a memo… on an order form has developed into the slogan for the most headstrong Belgian brand of spectacles: ‘theo loves you’. To this very day the motto connects everything theo does, every decision, every collection. It was the love for their clients that made Wim Somers and Patrick Hoet, opticians with their own store, decide to design and present a collection under the name of theo. They wanted to offer their clients something other than the mainstream glasses that were selling at the time. In 1989, the first theo glasses became a fact. And they were groundbreaking. Today, more than 20 years later, theo is sold in 1,400 stores across 50 countries… and theo loves them all!

Originally theo only addressed the avant-garde. Later however, the glasses began to appeal to a wider audience. But theo always had a soft spot for the individualist. In order to generate interest among trendsetters, every year new models are launched and added to the theo line.

The theo headquarters are located in Antwerp, Belgium. Mik and Toon, two of the three sons of Wim Somers, joined the business a few years ago. Third son Jan joined his mother Jamme at the Somers Optiek store. Nowadays, more than thirty people work for theo in Europe, the US and Japan. This small family business has developed into a major player in the international optics market.

theo likes to be unpredictable and so, theo keeps on surprising!