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Barton Perreira

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Dedicated to pure luxury, Barton Perreira’s approach to fashion redefines style and elegance. Patty Perreira’s inspired design focuses on the evolution process and continues to challenge the industry by unveiling the next new thing.

Function will always be an integral aspect of what sets Barton Perreira apart: the craftsmanship combined with the materials used provides the highest quality lenses, lightest feeling frames, and most precise fit.

All of the styles throughout the collection can be dressed up or down. The unexpected color combinations and mixed materials give the sophisticated glasses an effortless feel that make them easy to be worn any way.

Handmade in Japan using only the finest materials, Barton Perreira’s eyewear is distinctive in design, precision, and fit with a refined aesthetic and unique finishings. The brand stocks most of it’s models in both a western and Asian fit bridge.